Cervo Aircraft Services offers a wide range of wheels and brakes overhaul capability for Boeing and Airbus aircraft types. Frequently used by the operators, turn around time for Wheel & Brake Services is considered as a very critical parameter for the operators when choosing a service provider. 



Tire Changes

The services offered are Tire changes, Non-Destructive testing, Major repairs, Wheel overhaul, Steel and Carbon Brake overhauls and modifications. After the completion of the service, the complete maintenance records related to that service are retained in the workshop and presented to the clients upon demand.

Wheel and Brake Capabilities Wrt A/C Types

Boeing B737 CL
Boeing B737 NG
Boeing 757
Boeing 777
Airbus A300 Series
Airbus A310 Series
Airbus A320 Series
Airbus A330 / 340
Gulfstream 450 / 500 / 550

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